"We solve your Core IT Business Needs"



24/7 System Monitoring and Support

Ensuring the hardware and software your business network relies on are up and running.

Data Recovery

Protection against data corruption and catastrophic system failure

Offsite Data Backup


Hosted Phone Service


Rapid Response Issue Resolution

Qualified, experienced technicians committed to quickly diagnosing and resolving hardware and software issues.

Remote Application Access

Secure network connectivity from home, office, or personal devices.

Scheduled Network and System Maintenance:

Routine network maintenance, data backups and system/software updates that work with your business hours, to minimize or eliminate lost productivity.

Software Discovery

Network Discovery Process to evaluate business and system needs and select the most appropriate, cost-effective software options.

Low-Voltage System Evaluation, Design and Installation

Evaluation of existing low-voltage systems. Design services for updating and expanding existing low-voltage infrastructure, or new-from-the-ground-up systems.  Complete low-voltage installation services.

Meaningful Use, Healthcare Compliance, and HL7

EMR/EPM systems meeting federal and state guidelines for Meaningful Use and Healthcare Compliance, and reducing the risk of criminal and civil litigation. Health Level Seven (HL7) framework for the integration, retrieval and exchange of electronic health information, supporting clinical practice management, delivery and evaluation of health services.

Network Security

Intrusion detection and prevention systems monitoring network traffic and/or system processes for malicious activity, security events, and hacker activity

Anti-Virus/Spam/Malware Product Support

Enterprise class, monitored Anti-Virus/Spam/Malware protection from viruses, Trojans, Botnets, Spyware, Adware and worms that tie up valuable network resources and waste time and money.

Telecom System Assessment,Design and Implementation

Consultation services to assess existing telecom systems. Design services for updating and expanding existing telecom systems, or the installation of new systems. Complete telecom product selection, acquisition and installation services.

Network Design and Implementation

Let Core Systems IT design a custom network solution that can take your business to that next level of efficiency and profitability.

  • Needs Analysis
    Our experienced staff takes the time to learn about your current IT concerns, and your future IT needs.

  • Vendor-Neutral IT Solutions
    Because Core Systems IT is vendor-neutral, we can help you choose the IT solution that makes the most sense for your business, and your budget.

  • Project Management
    From project conception to system implementation we manage the time lines, hold the vendors accountable, and make sure that the job is completed the right way.

Systems Administration

The reality is that even the best designed network requires ongoing maintenance to continue to operate efficiently. As your business evolves, your network will need to evolve as well. Core Systems IT will work behind the scenes to ensure that you can continue to focus on what you do best: serving the needs of your customers.

  • Scheduled Network and System Maintenance:
    You don’t like hearing that “the system’s down” any more than your customers do. Our technicians work within your office’s schedule to minimize or eliminate lost productivity due to routine system maintenance.

  • ‘Rapid Response’ Challenge Resolution:
    When there is a problem with your network that’s making it difficult to conduct business, you want it taken care of sooner, not later. Core Systems IT is dedicated to getting you up and running quickly.

  • Software Installation and Updates:
    Our technicians eliminate the frustration of time-consuming software installation and required updates, whether you’re working with ‘off-the-shelf’ programs or software that’s specific to your industry.

  • Ongoing Network Assessment and Design:
    As your company grows, your network will need to as well. Because we have over 15 years experience in providing I.T. solutions, we can help you assess your business needs and provide the best solutions. No ‘techno-babble,’ and no unnecessary expenses. We offer common-sense solutions that fit within your budget and get the job done quickly!

Telecom Solution

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Low Voltage Voice and Data Cabling

The design and installation of low voltage cabling systems is essential to the proper operation of your business technology systems. Low Voltage cabling includes coaxial cables, fiber optics and Category 5 (CAT 5) data/phone cables required to run your audio, video, voice data, computer network, security, fire and safety devices. Core Systems IT experienced and certified staff will develop a plan for the installation of a low voltage network that can meet your current and future system integration requirements, while also incorporating the most efficient and cost-effective use of existing wiring systems.


Questions about whether it’s time to upgrade to newer equipment? We’ll assess your requirements and make recommendations that fit your needs as well as your budget. From workstations and printers to servers, hubs and routers, Core Systems IT will ensure that you get the right hardware for your business, and that the hardware you have works as it should.

Our hardware services include:
  • Workstation Installation and Support
  • Printers
  • Connectivity Solutions (Cabling and Wireless)
  • Routers and Switches
  • Server Installation and Support
  • Microsoft Exchange Terminal
  • Proxy Print
  • SQL Remote Access


The security of your network is critical to you and to your customers. Whether it’s maintaining the confidentiality of your patient/office data, preventing system corruption due to viruses, or simply blocking out spam and adware that ties up valuable network resources and wastes you time, Core Systems IT has the up-to-date solutions that will maximize system efficiency and minimize down-time and frustration.
  • Security Software
  • Firewalls
  • Virus, Spam and Adware Solutions
  • Wireless Security